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What Is Good Molecular Sieve?

- Mar 26, 2018 -

 What is molecular sieve?

Molecular sieve is an alumina silicate member of family of micro porous solid, it also be called zeolite, it’s ability is to select a sort of molecules based primarily on a  size exclusion process. The name zeolite was first called by a swedish in 1756, a mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, who observed that upon rapidly heating material stibite, it produced large amounts of steam from water that been adsorbed by the material. Base on this he call the material “zeolite”, because in greek “zeo” means boil, “lite(lithos)” means stone.

What kinds of usage of molecular sieve is?

People already take advantage of this product very well at many areas. For example, use as catalyst, adsorbent and detergent. According to different size of pore, it can be absorb H2O, CO2 or other molecules from objection, some company use it for water purification or gas produce or purification. Due to it has powerful solid state acid, it can facilitate a host of acid catalyzed reaction, such as isomerisation, alkylation and cracking, which was widely been used at petrochemical industry. In 1992, more than 1 million metric ton of zeolite been use in global laundry detergent. Specific usage is depend on what your project need.

 What is good molecular sieve?

Currently, the world’s annual production of natural zeolite is about 4 million tons, about 2.6 million tons are shipped to chinese market. Chinese use the most zeolite, we have the most experience of buying, and know this product very well. Good molecular sieve if suitable for your project, good quality and reasonable price. For your best choice, chose Chemxin for your supplier, we have plant in Jiangxi where is the capital of ceramic in China, and we know molecular sieve very well, we are here to help you to success, welcome to visit our website

Molecular Sieve

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