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What Dew Point That The 4A Molecular Sieve Can Achieve In Air Compressor?

- Jul 11, 2018 -


Air compressor post-processing equipment - the adsorption dryer commonly use activated alumina ball, molecular sieve as adsorbent. Most manufacturers care mostly about the dew point that the molecular sieve and activated alumina can perform in the compressor.
Here is a detailed analysis of the dew point temperature when activated alumina ball and molecular sieve perform in air compressor equipment.
When the air compressor equipment information is of a certain case, the dew point temperature of activated alumina ball is about- 40 ℃. If the adsorption tower’s loading quantity is small and need to deal with large quantity gas, it should be higher dew point temperature, this time you need to replace 4A molecular sieve adsorbent with activated alumina ball. If low dew point request lower, it is better to replace with 5A molecular sieve 13X molecular sieve that can achieve.
So when the air compressor equipment information is of a certain case, the dew point temperature of 4A molecular sieve is -60 ℃, 13X molecular sieve is in commonly - 80 ℃.This data is for reference only. And the specific information of the dew point should be combined with the specific information of the air compressor equipment to determine and select the suitable molecular sieve and the active alumina ball as adsorbent.

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