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The Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring And Raschig Ring

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The Chemxin plastic intalox saddle ring is a kind of tower packing. It can be called plastic IMTP. Its bed layer has large space. The inter part of bed layer is a liquid channel with circular arc shape. This kind of shape can reduce the resistance when the gas go through the bed layer, as well as reduce the radial diffusion coefficient of this plastic intalox saddle ring.

Compared with Raschig ring, there is a little wall effect on the liquid flow of this plastic intalox saddle ring. That is to say, the distribution of liquid on the filler layer is pretty even. In this way, the mass transfer coefficient of this saddle ring has been improved. 

As big voidage, low pressure drop, low height of mass transfer unit, low specific weight, abundant of gas liquid contact, the excellent efficiency of transfer, the application temperature ranges in 60 to 150 degree. it is widely adopted in packing tower of Alkaili Chloride, petroleum, coal gas, chemical, environment industry etc.. 

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