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The Main Factors Affecting The Adsorption Performance Of Activated Alumina

- Jun 15, 2017 -

The particle size: the smaller the particle size, the adsorption capacity is higher, but the smaller the particle size, particle strength is low, affect its service life.

The raw water pH value: when the pH value is greater than 5, the lower pH and higher adsorption capacity of activated alumina. The initial fluoride concentration: initial fluoride concentration is higher, the larger adsorption capacity.

The raw water alkalinity: high bicarbonate concentration in raw water, the adsorption capacity will be reduced.

The chloride and sulfate ions. The effects of arsenic: activated alumina on arsenic adsorption, accumulation of arsenic in activated alumina caused by the decline of fluorine ion adsorption capacity, and the regeneration of arsenic ion elution difficult.

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