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Scrubber Principle

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Working principle of exhaust gas scrubbing tower: The exhaust gas scrubbing tower is a two-phase reverse flow packing exhaust gas absorption tower. The exhaust gas enters the exhaust gas absorption tower tangentially from the inlet port below the tower body, and under the power of the fan, rapidly fills the space of the intake section, and then uniformly rises through the equalization section to the absorption section of the first stage filler. On the surface of the filler, the acidic substance in the gas phase chemically reacts with the alkaline substance in the liquid phase. The reaction product oil (mostly soluble salts) flows into the lower sump with the absorbing liquid. The exhaust gas that is not completely absorbed continues to rise into the first stage spray section. In the spray section, the absorbing liquid is ejected from the uniform nozzle at a high speed, and numerous fine droplets are formed to sufficiently mix and contact with the gas to continue the chemical reaction. The acid gas then rises to the second stage packing section and the spray section for an absorption process similar to that of the first stage. The second stage is different from the first stage nozzle density, the spray pressure is different, and the range of absorbed acid gas concentration is also different. The process of contact between the spray section and the packing section is also a process of material heat and mass transfer. The process is adequate and stable by controlling the flow rate of the exhaust gas scrubber and the storage time. For some chemically inactive acid gases, it is necessary to add a certain amount of surfactant to the absorption liquid. The uppermost part of the tower body is the defogging section, and the absorbing liquid mist trapped in the gas is removed here, and the treated clean air is put into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe at the upper end of the exhaust gas absorption tower.
Chemxin Metal/Plastic/Ceramic random packing like pall ring, cascade mini ring, raschig ring, intalox saddles...are widely used in the scrubbing ,stripping and absorption devices.

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