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PSA Nitrogen Generator

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Carbon molecular sieve microporous has strong affinity for oxygen molecules, it’s usually used to separate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and for making nitrogen with pressure swing adsorption device (PSA) in industry.

CHEMXIN carbon molecular sieve is with large amount of nitrogen, high nitrogen recovery rate, long service life, it’s suitable for various types of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen machinesand it’s the preferred product of PSA system.


Introduction (molecular sieve nitrogen)

The smaller diameter gas (oxygen) diffuses faster, most of them has been adsorbed into the molecular sieve solid phase, so that to get more nitrogenAfter a period of time, the adsorption of oxygen on the molecular sieve is balanced, according to the different adsorption capacity of the carbon molecular sieve at different pressures, reduce the pressure of the machine to remove the adsorption of oxygen, this process is called regeneration. Pressure swing adsorption method is usually used in parallel with the two columns, alternating pressure adsorption and decompression regeneration, in order to obtain a continuous nitrogen flow.


Molecular sieve nitrogen (advantage)

PSA nitrogen method is the rapid development of the seventies a new nitrogen technology. Compared with the traditional nitrogen method, it has a simple process, high degree of automation, fast gas production (15 to 30 minutes), low energy consumption, product purity can be adjusted in a large range according to user needs, easy operation and maintenance Low cost, strong adaptability and other characteristics of the device, so it’s competitive in the 1000Nm3 / h nitrogen equipment, more and more access to medium and small nitrogen users, PSA nitrogen has become the choice of medium and small nitrogen users.


Carbon molecular sieve and zeolite molecular sieve are widely used in the field of nitrogen, oxygen production . The molecular sieve separation of oxygen and nitrogen is mainly based on the difference diffusion rate of these two gases on the surface of the molecular sieve, carbon molecular sieve is a carbon-based adsorbent which combine activated carbon and some character of molecular sieve.


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