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Nitrogen Generator Carbon Molecular Sieve Poisoning

- Aug 24, 2018 -

Nitrogen generator carbon molecular sieve poisoning

The adsorption hole of the carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator is blocked by the oil, and the two adsorption towers of the nitrogen generator can not be regenerated by normal switching, and the ability of the nitrogen molecular sieve to adsorb oxygen is reduced. The nitrogen generator manufacturer defines it as carbon molecular sieve poisoning.

Carbon molecular sieve poisoning is also called nitrogen generator oil pollution. Due to the failure of the air compressor oil separator, or the desulfurization activated carbon in the air purification assembly, the nitrogen generator is not replaced in time to enter the carbon molecular sieve, and the nitrogen molecular sieve is poisoned. The nitrogen output of the nitrogen generator is insufficient, which cannot meet the requirements of the production process, causing oxidation of the product and causing certain economic losses. The poisoning of the nitrogen generator is difficult to detect in time, and the poisoning state of the carbon molecular sieve cannot be monitored. Only the nitrogen analyzer on the nitrogen generator and the nitrogen generator have oil-free substances around the surface. After finding that the purity of nitrogen is insufficient, the method of adjusting the outlet flow rate of the nitrogen generator should be adjusted to improve the purity of the nitrogen generator, and the new carbon molecular sieve should be replaced in time. If the nitrogen flow rate is reduced, the purity of the nitrogen cannot be improved. Please replace it immediately. Nitrogen machine carbon molecular sieve and air filtration consumables. Carbon molecular sieve adsorbent preferred Guangzhou Xin porcelain, 16 years of production experience, quality assurance, price concessions.

Carbon Molecular Sieve

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