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MBBR Filter Media

- Dec 12, 2017 -

MBBR Filter Media

MBBR Filter Media

Product description:

CHEMXIN MBBR filter media is a novel biologically active carrier, it adopts scientific formula, depending on the nature of water, blending a variety of beneficial microorganisms grow quickly attached trace elements in polymer materials, through a special process modification, constructed, with more than large surface area, hydrophilic, high biological activity, biofilm fast, good effect, good impact resistance. Special design of surface, stronger bio-film growth capacity; Large specific surface area, high voidage, the more periphyton biomass; Unique design of structure and shape according to hydromechanics, strong three-dimensional flow dynamics in the water; Adding hydrophilic groups and other trace elements, the biofilm formation time only 3-15 days; Excellent impact strength, strong gas shear capacity; Without any holder, easy to cure, save energy and space.

Main Feature:

-Special formula and production technology, accelerating biological film formation ;

-Larger effective surface area, obtaining more microorganism;

-By bio-film decomposing technology, saving sludge return process;

-High-efficiency in denitrification and dephosphorization, improving the water quality;

-Lower energy consumption, saving space and shorten technology process.


1. Rapid carrier biofilm formation mechanism

2. Super decarburization, ammonia nitrogen removal capacity

3. Excellent resistance to shock load performance

4. Application of flexible and diverse way

5. Simple operation and maintenance

6. Long service life

7. Deoxidation and phosphorus removal effect is good

Using Scope:

- Project title, the amount of upgrading sewage treatment plant

-New sewage treatment project of MBBR and BAF process

-New sewage treatment project of MBBR and BAF process

-Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water

-River nitrogen, phosphorus removal

-Aquaculture in removal of ammonia nitrogen, water purification

-Biological filler biological deodorization tower

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