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Laboratory Test Method For Abrasion Resistance And Impact Resistance Of Alumina Grinding Balls

- Jun 15, 2017 -

A1 method principle

The method uses the alumina ball in the polyurethane tank to shock and grind under specified conditions, and tests the impact property of the ball, so that the abrasion resistance of the alumina ball is expressed in unit time.

A2 grinding cans

The tank is made of polyurethane. Inside diameter 200mm, length 220mm

A3 abrasion resistance impact testing machine

The A2 can be supplied with 4kg alumina ball and 4L water tank with 80r/min running continuously.

A4 test preparation

The quality and appearance of qualified alumina ball samples about 4kg, loaded into A2 cans, plus 4L tap water, in the abrasion impact testing machine, with 80r/min grinding 2h. Take out the sample and wash it with water.

A5 test procedure

A5.1 after A4 treatment samples, with a sense of quantity of 0.1g scales weighing m1;

A5.2 the above samples are put into the A2 grinding tank, with the same weight of water. After sealing, the water must not be leaking, and put on the abrasion test machine, so that the grinding tank can be stopped after 80r/min grinding and 24h.

A5.3 removed the sample from the mill and cleaned it with water. It weighed M2 after drying.

A5.4 measured the average diameter of 10 balls according to the regulations D.

A6 results indicate

Through impact and abrasion test, no cracks, no broken, as a shock resistance qualified.

EWT=KD (m1-m2) /m1

Type: EWT- wear per thousand;

K- correction factor, 4.17X10-4 (mm) -1

D- ball average diameter, mm;

M1- total sample weight before self grinding, g;

M2- total weight of samples after self grinding, g;

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