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Is Activated Alumina The Best Air Drying Desiccant?

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Is Activated Alumina The Best Air Drying Desiccant?

Activated Alumina Adsorbent

It is Known as “adsorbents”, taking in water and drying air are its main functions for this particular desiccant. When humidity molecules appear in the air, they can lead to corrosion in machinery as well as ice formations which, as you can imagine, can be dangerous and damaging. Therefore, it is important to remove these molecules so the machinery and equipment can run without disruption.


In fact, the process of Activated Alumina is simple. Acting like a sponge in water, the moisture within the air will stick to the Alumina as it passes through. They become trapped in the Activated Alumina and the air remains free from moisture. In simple terms, this is like using a sieve in that the water gets left behind and the air continues without the moisture.


At times, using in Air Drying. It can be easy to tell when the moisture has been removed. Within an area, the pressure dew point will be calculated and areas lower than -40F require a heatless adsorption dryer. This is both cost effective and energy efficient. When in operation, these dryers will use a desiccant such as a Molecular Sieve or Activated Alumina. In fact, these are the two best options currently used in the industry.

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