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How To Remove Formaldehyd

- Dec 08, 2017 -

How To Remove Formaldehyd

Generally, a homeowner should be very cautious about what products they use to clean or deodorize when it comes to wood or composite flooring. Enzyme cleaners and deodorizer are known to eat away or etch wood flooring and can have some irreversible damage on your flooring if you are not careful, and some traditional clean product such as Clorox and ammonia are very abrasive and can etch or create pinholes in your flooring. The EnviroKlenz Everyday odor eliminator is the safest and most effective product at removing chemical odors and malodors from wood flooring. Just dilute the product in a 4:1 (4 parts EnviroKlenz & 1 part water) and mop it on the wood flooring. Allow it to sit for ~15 minutes and come behind with warm water and mop off any residual product that hs been left behind.

n addition to the treating the source of the odors that were mentioned earlier in the post, a homeowner should seriously consider treating the air in their home that has been exposed to the off-gassing of chemical odors and VOCs. The EnviroKLenz air product offers a full array of products that work to neutralize VOCs and chemical odors from your home indoor environment without releasing any additional chemicals or fragrances back into the environment.

EnviroKlenz HVAC filter destroys noxious chemicals and odors rather than just trapping particulates like other HVAC filter and Hepa Filters. Carbon filters have been shown to be effective at capturing but not eliminating or destroying chemical odors and gasses compared to EnviroKlenz HVAC filter which neutralizes the odors and VOCs preventing them from returning to your indoor air space.

Purify air activated carbon are available, and Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina ball,

Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina

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