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How Is The Wire Demister Defoamed?

- Sep 21, 2018 -

The components that can achieve defoaming in the inner container of the tower are: vortex separator, detent defogger, wire mesh demister, corrugated packing, etc.There are many separation structures used, and the separation methods are also:


    1. Gravity sedimentation;

    2. Baffle separation;

    3. Centrifugal force separation;

    4. Wire mesh separation;

    5. Ultrafiltration separation;

    6. Separation of fillers.


But there are only two principles for separation:


1. Separation of the mixture by means of different mass (weight) of the components (eg separation methods 1, 2, 3, 6). The density of the gas and the liquid is different, and the mass of the gas in the same volume is smaller than the mass of the liquid.


2. Separation of the mixture by different particle sizes of the dispersion (eg separation methods 4, 5). The molecular aggregation state of the liquid is different from the molecular aggregation state of the gas. The gas molecules are far apart, and the liquid molecules are much closer, so the gas particles are smaller than the liquid particles.

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