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Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition And Activated Molecular Sieve Powder

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Our company participated the twelfth Guangzhou International Coatings, Adhesives, Ink Exhibition2017.5.17-19.Welcome all our customers come to the exhibition, the main product is the activated molecular sieve powder.

The surface modification of 3A zeolite was studied by using silane coupling agent KH-550. The effects of the amount of coupling agent (mass fraction) and modification time on the viscosity of molecular sieve activated oil slurry were investigated. The results show that the viscosity of the activated powder decreases with the increase of the amount of coupling agent and the modification time, the dosage of coupling agent is 2.0%, the amount of coupling agent is 2.0%, the amount of coupling agent is 2.0% The modification time of 45 min is the best modification condition.Using the coupling agent KH-550 to modify the surface of 3A molecular sieve can effectively improve the dispersibility of molecular sieve activated powder, reduce the viscosity of activated powder slurry and extend it in the polyurethane system In the applicable period.

molecular sieve powder

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