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Dry And Wet Grinding

- Sep 07, 2018 -

Pay attention to the choice of the grinding body and the ratio of the ball to the grinding. Wet grinding is more efficient, but it consumes more energy. Ball milling is divided into dry grinding and wet grinding. Wet grinding is the most commonly used method. The efficiency is high and the particles are evenly ground. Because the particles in the ball milling process, large particles in the grinding and impact of the ball mill medium, cracks will occur, crack propagation will be broken into a small particle for a long time, the so-called grinding process. If it is dry grinding, when the crack propagates during the ball milling process, the crack formed may be “closed” due to the squeeze between the ball or the ball, the crack cannot be effectively expanded, and the large particle cannot be broken quickly. Particles, but if it is wet grinding, the liquid ball milling medium (water or absolute ethanol, etc.) will enter the crack gap formed, blocking the closure of the crack, which will effectively spread the crack quickly, which will greatly improve the ball milling efficiency. For dry grinding, it is generally for materials that do not react in the liquid medium. If there is a reaction, other substances will be formed in the ball mill. The ball mill has no meaning. For example, cement cannot be ball milled in water. At the same time, during dry grinding, due to the design of the ball mill body, sometimes dead corners are formed. In the dead corner, some materials are not ground by the ball; but wet grinding also has a weakness for dry grinding, that is, the powder after wet grinding Drying removes moisture or other liquid media, thus increasing energy consumption and cost. At present, in industrial production, most of them use wet grinding. Wet milling can better mix two or more substances than dry grinding. If mechanical alloying is required, dry grinding is used. High ball ratio is more than wet grinding. Ball: material: water (or other liquid) = 4 : 2:1 relationship, or make small adjustments in this range, the specific can be determined by experiment, at the same time, the size of the ball is also required. If the ratio is good, the ball milling efficiency of the raw material will be greatly improved. Generally, there are big, medium and small balls, and the best ratio between them can also be obtained through experiments.

25mm 92% grinding ball60mm 92% grinding ball

      25mm 92% grinding ball                 60mm 92% grinding ball

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