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Chemxin Carbon Molecular Sieve

- Dec 19, 2017 -

What is carbon meolcular sieve? 

Chemxin Carbon molecular sieve ( CMS) is an adsorbent that fuses the ideas behind both activated carbon and zeolite into one product. Activated carbon is known for its high porosity and zeolite are known for their ability to be crafted into highly specialized adsorbents called molecular sieve. CMS is a product that brings the benefits of both of these products together.
CMS is made out of coal and it specializes in adsorbing material under 10 angstroms, something activated carbon can not do accurately. The smallest pore size created for carbon molecular sieve is 4A, but it exists in a 5A, and 10A (or 13X) as well.
CMS specializes in separating oxygen from nitrogen, an important part in natural gas processing. This process is done with a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) device in two phases. 
-The first phase sees the gas enter the PSA generator and the oxygen is adsorbed while the nitrogen passes through because the nitrogen molecules are too large and are used as a separate product.
-The second phase sees the oxygen slowly released from the sieve at low pressures and thereby regenerating it so that the separation process can be repeated.

Chemxin Carbon Molecular Sieve

How to realize PSA process

CMS is a mainstream adsorbent for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system Nitrogen gas generator. There is a differential diffusion rate system based on the fact that the oxygen molecule is smaller than the nitrogen molecule.
CMS adsorbs oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, moisture and so on in compressed air in a short period of time and compressed nitrogen gas is available at the outlet. When the pressure decreases to the atmospheric or vacuum level, CMS which has adsorbed oxygen gas and others easily desorbs them and is regenerated.
When the above two operations are done alternately between two adsorption columns, nitrogen gas can be available continuously from the air.

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