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Ceramic Structured Packing

- Jul 21, 2018 -

Ceramic Structured Packing

Brief Introduction:

        Ceramic surface can generate extremely thin film liquid flow and tortuous vapor flow passages promote mixing of liquid and vapor and, at the same time, general little pressure drop. These are reasons forchemxin Ceramic Structured Packing have the same mass transfer efficiency as metal packing. Meanwhile, chemxin Ceramic Structured Packings are much more resistant to corrosion and high temperature than metal packing. The surface structure of ceramic packing could promote wetting and keep liquid hold-up to a minimum.

chemxin Ceramic Structured Packing 

(Ceramic Corrugated structured column packing) is constructed of corrugated sheets of ceramic. The angle of inclination of the corrugations of adjacent sheets is reversed with respect to the vertical column axis, forming mixing cells at every point where the corrugation intersect. This promotes intimate mixing and radial distribution of the liquid and gas streams. Each subsequent element is rotated about the column axis so that the sheets of one element are opposed to the sheets of the elements above and below. In passing through each element, gas and liquid are thoroughly mixed in the direction parallel to the plane of the sheets. By rotating subsequent elements, excellent mixing and spreading, both side to side and front to back are obtained over the entire cross section of the tower.

        The flow characteristics developed by the structured geometrical arrangement creates    high effective surface area resulting in good efficiency as compared to other mass transfer devices. (Data for our products follows: X and Y stand for the corrugation dip of 30 and 45 respectively; the Arabic numerals stand for the specific area of their series.

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