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Activated Alumina

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Activated alumina has selective adsorption capacity for gases, water vapor and certain liquids. After being saturated, the water can be heated at about 175-315 DEG C to remove water and revive. Adsorption and resurrection can be repeated many times. In addition to being used as a desiccant, the vapors of the lubricating oil can also be adsorbed from the contaminated oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, etc.. And can be used as catalyst and catalyst carrier and chromatographic analysis carrier.

Activated alumina belongs to the category of chemical alumina. It is mainly used as adsorbent, water purifying agent, catalyst and catalyst carrier, and its raw material and preparation method are different according to different uses.

Activated alumina under certain operating conditions and regeneration conditions, drying the product up to the depth of the dew point temperature of - 70 degrees below [use] activated alumina: This product can be used as high fluoride in drinking water fluoride removal agent (fluoride removal capacity), defluorination agent, transformer oil and acid regeneration agent, used as oxygen industry, textile industry, electronics industry, gas drying cycle of alkane alkylbenzene production, automation instrument air drying and drying in the fertilizer and petrochemical industries such as desiccant, purifying agent (dew point up to - 40 degrees), in the air separation industry up to 55 degrees of dew point pressure swing adsorption. It is an efficient drying agent for deep drying of trace water. Very suitable for non thermal regeneration equipment.

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