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Varieties and properties of silica gel

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Silica sol


Colloidal solution of silica sol, odorless and non-toxic, the formula can be expressed as mSiO2nH2O.

1.because the colloidal particles are fine (10 - 20nm) and have a large specific surface area, the particles themselves are colorless and transparent, which does not affect the nature of the covering.

2.low viscosity, where water penetration can permeate, and therefore mixed with other substances, dispersion and permeability are very good.

3.when the silica sol evaporates, the colloidal particles adhere firmly to the surface of the object, forming a combination of silica and oxygen, which is a good adhesive.

Use: a variety of refractories binder, with cohesive force, high temperature (1500-1600 C), and so on.

2.used in the coating industry, can make the coating firm, but also against dirt, dust, aging, fire and other functions.

3.used for precision casting of shell, which can make the shell strong in strength and high in casting finish. Its shape is better than that of water glass, and it can reduce cost and improve operation condition instead of ethyl silicate.

4.silica sol has higher specific surface area and can be used for catalyst manufacture and catalyst support.

5.used in the paper industry, can be used as glass paper adhesive, photographic paper pretreatment agent, cement bag, anti slip agent and so on.

6.used as sizing agent in textile industry, and its oil and processing of wool and rabbit hair spinnability, reduce breakage, prevent flying, improve yield, increase economic benefits.

7.for silicon steel sheet processing agent, dispersing agent, floor wax tube anti slide etc..

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