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Molecular sieve drying technique

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Microwave drying technology has solved the problems of slow drying rate, large energy consumption and poor quality of the products in the traditional drying molecular sieves:

1, microwave drying, molecular sieve speed, generally a few minutes can achieve microwave drying purposes;

2 、 microwave drying, molecular sieve uniform, to achieve deep drying, good quality products;

3, static drying, no burning belt, less dust;

4, non-contact drying, to avoid the pollution of the molecular sieve;

5 、 microwave drying molecular sieve process safety, energy saving, environmental protection, the use of electrical energy, both at home and abroad drying at the same time, more than 50% of energy saving by electrothermal drying;

6, shorten the production cycle, greatly reduce the production of floating capital occupation;

7, microwave drying equipment, box temperature below 40 degrees, to improve the working environment of workers;

8 、 the equipment is simple and convenient to operate

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